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Online payment is fast, secure, and easy. You'll be done in no time at all!

We offer two ways to electronically pay for your membership. You can select the
'One Time' option, which means that you will have to manually renew each year. Or, you can select the 'Auto Renew' option, which means that your membership will continue to renew, in November of each year, automatically.

Membership Categories and Prices for 2024

Please select a membership type below:

Voting: $45.00
Corresponding: $25.00
Introductory: $20.00 (first time* member; renews as Voting in November, 2024)
* If you were a previous member of the Chapter, and are reinstating your membership, you should select 'Voting', above. Note that an Introductory membership will renew as Voting in November, 2024 .

A $2.00 charge is added for all online payments. All amounts will be increased by $2.00 on the payment screen.


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